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Wedding at Greenlands (Henley Business School) Henley on Thames Oxfordshire
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Gay couple show their marriage certificate to their wedding guests after their marriage ceremony

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Background Information and Highlights:

Our couple took advantage of the long overdue law changes to have their very own gay wedding.

And what a glorious day it was! The ceremony took place at Greenlands - which for the uninitiated is the World-famous Henley Business School - on the banks of the River Thames in ..... you guessed it ..... Henley on Thames Oxfordshire. This lovely old building is just gorgeous both inside and outside throughout the mature landscaped riverside grounds.

To top it all the staff are friendly and efficient, the food divine, and the registrars from the nearby Beaconsfield Register Office are some of the easiest in the South of England for professional wedding photographers and videographers to work with.

The ceremony was followed by an outdoor barbecue and with the men dressed semi-formal in tuxes it really did look the part!

We then took a leisurely sail along the River Thames in the Hibernia courtesy of Hobbs of Henley, arriving late in the evening for an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Caversham Reading Berkshire. The interior of the boat was fitted with a casino, lending a decadent Bondish vibe - especially with all those tuxes around.

Robbie and Paul had arranged that the guests arrive at Greenlands by coach. This was a great move at in ensured that no-one could be late!

The weather was kind to us - though it did look decidedly threatening in the early afternoon - and there was no need to action Plan-B which was to have the meal in the main building.

Our couple had an extensive photo shoot earlier in the day before the arrival of the guests and this ensured that they had plenty of time to enjoy the ambience of the late afternoon with their guests.

The first photo below shows Greenlands as seen from the River Thames, peeping through the many mature trees:

Greenlands Henley Business School wedding venue

The building itself looks terrific as a backdrop as you can see from the next photo shot later in the day, of all the guests together with our couple posing for a big group photo:

Gay wedding guests pose for big group photo following ceremony

And another photo from later in the day showing the table set up ready for the reception meal, otherwise known as the "wedding breakfast":

Table prepared ready for wedding breakfast at Greenlands Henley on Thames Oxfordshire

We shot lots of photos of Robbie and Paul around the venue earlier in the day:

Gay couple pose for photo before their wedding in Henley on Thames

The room prepared ready for the wedding ceremony:

Room prepared ready for gay wedding ceremony

All the guests arrived by coach:

Guest disembarks from coach to attend gay wedding ceremony in Henley on Thames Oxfordshire

Very soon the wedding ceremony was underway. The registrars are very easy-going and so professional wedding photographers and videographers can shoot a good selection of photos and video clips throughout the ceremony:

Gay couple listen to registrar during their wedding ceremony

Neither Greenlands nor gay weddings are exempt from the usual photographic challenge of shooting where the subjects have very strong back-lighting from the sun streaming through windows. Technical perfection is never going to be achieved in these circumstances but its still possible to shoot some lovely atmospheric images:

Gay couple exchange vows during their wedding ceremony

The food served by Greenlands was delicious!

Guests enjoy barbeque after gay wedding ceremony in Oxfordshire

Our couple made short speeches after the meal:

Gay couple make speeches after their wedding reception

The the riverboat arrived ready for the guests to enjoy an evening of gambling as we sailed along the Thames to Caversham:

Riverboat arrives to transport gay wedding guests to their hotel

The onboard casino made for some great photo opportunities:

Gay wedding guests play in casino aboard boat on the River Thames

We took the opportunity to shoot some semi-formal photos of Robbie and Paul with all their various guests:

Gay couple pose for photo with guests during their wedding reception

The Hibernia has glass walls and ceiling so it is largely weatherproof:

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Caversham in the late evening. Guests enjoyed a nightcap before retiring to bed:

Robbie and Paul had arranged a big group breakfast for all their guests the next morning, and Peter returned to shoot this. A little poem was on the scroll in the next photo:

We then shot some more portraits of the newly-weds around the hotel grounds and on the adjacent bridge:

Gay couple pose for wedding photo

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