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Weddings at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead Berkshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride signs the register at the end of her wedding ceremony at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead

This is a feature wedding / venue gallery. Browse lots of complete weddings via the main Galleries Page. And don't forget to check out the Videos Page!

Background Information and Highlights:

Thanks very much for the photos. We're really pleased with them. They've come out really well. Brilliant. And thanks very much for the quick turn around Peter.


Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead Berkshire is in a prime location just a few hundred metres from the M4 Motorway and with easy access from the M40 and M25. Its also close to Peters own Berkshire base and he has enjoyed working at this lovely wedding venue several times, shooting both photographs and wedding videos.

Lillibrooke Manor has no fewer than four locations licensed for wedding ceremonies - but more of that in a moment.

Most brides like coverage to start with some photos of the girls getting ready. It is also possible to shoot the fellas as well but that is not such a frequent request - and its usually at the behest of the bride rather than any of the blokes! Detail shots of the flowers, the shoes, the jewellery, the dress, are all popular subjects and look great at the start of your wedding album. See more of this in the slideshow above or in the click-through gallery. Here is a typical bride's bouquet photo:

Brides bouquet reflected in mirror prior to her wedding at Lillibrooke Manor

Garters are not as common as they once were. They can make for some great photo opportunities especially later on in the day when the groom may be required to remove the garter with his teeth whilst cheered on by all the guests. Here we see our bridesmaids helping our bride to put her garter securely in place:

Bride has her garter placed on her leg before her wedding at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead

Mirrors can help produce some lovely photos during the getting ready stage of the day. Here we see a flower girl checking herself out in her mirror reflection:

Flower girl checks her appearance in mirror before wedding ceremony at Lillibrooke Manor

And now on to the choices of venues for your ceremony within Lillibrooke Manor. The confusingly named "Animal Engine House" is also licensed for wedding ceremonies. It shares an entrance with the Great Barn as you can see in the next photo:

Animal Engine House at Lillibrooke Manor

The registrars are easy going so a great set of photos can be shot even in the sometimes cramped interior of the Animal Engine House:

The Walled Garden seen in the next photo has the Small Barn to the left and in the centre right is the actual ceremony location for outdoor ceremonies. In England wedding ceremonies can only take place within permanent structures, which means that 100% outdoor weddings are not possible - there must be some way for the bride and groom to be underneath a structure even if that structure is open on all sides. And thats where the building at the far end in the photo comes into its own. Guests sit on the lawn whilst the bride and groom go "inside":

The Small Barn and the Walled Garden wedding ceremony locations at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead Berkshire

If you don't fancy taking your chances with the weather then the Small Barn at Lillibrooke Manor can be a good choice. It has a nice rustic olde worlde charm as you can see in the next photo:

Groom greets guests before wedding ceremony in the Small Barn at Lillibrooke Manor

The next photo may help you get a clearer handle on how ceremonies in the Walled Garden work. Here we see the scene immediately after the ceremony showing how everything is laid out for the guests to enjoy:

Wedding ceremony in progress in the Walled Garden at Lillibrooke Manor

And the last but by no means least ceremony location available within Lillibrooke Manor is of course the Great Barn. This can also be a challenge for professional photographers and videographers as it has very little natural light - artificial lighting such as flashguns and video lights are usually to be avoided during ceremonies as they can be distracting. The next photo shows the Great Barn prepared for a winter wedding ceremony:

Well it was touch and go for this winter wedding in the Great Barn at Lillibrooke Manor but it just about worked!

Bride smiles at her groom during their marriage ceremony in the Great Barn at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead Berkshire

Bride and groom exchange vows in their wedding ceremony in the Animal Engine House at Lillibrooke Manor

Outdoor weddings here can be quite a technical challenge for professional photographers and videographers because the backdrop can be very brightly lit by direct sunlight. But the results can be stunning as in the next photo where our couple exchange rings:

Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony in the Walled Garden at Lillibrooke Manor


The obligatory photo of the signing of the marriage register looks great in the surroundings on the Walled Garden:

Bride signs marriage civil register after her wedding in the Walled Garden at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead

The registrars responsible for ceremonies at Lillibrooke Manor are from the nearby Windsor and Maidenhead Register Office. The staff from this office have long been some of the most progressive and easiest to work with for professional photographers and videographers. No silly rules about what you can and cannot do during the ceremony. So regardless of which location within Lillibrooke Manor you choose for your ceremony you can be sure that you'll get a good selection of photos to treasure. Here we see our bride and groom about to have their "first kiss" after their ceremony in the Small Barn:

Bride and groom kiss after their wedding ceremony in the Small Barn at Lillibrook Manor Maidenhead Berkshire













The Animal-Engine-House-and-Great-Barn-after-dark-at-Lillibrooke-Manor-Maidenhead-Berkshire-wedding-venue

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